Proficient Language Service

The Van der Pluym translation agency has over twenty years’ experience in legal translations, of every source and target language. Our translators are sworn translators, and virtually always native speakers of the target language, which helps optimise the quality of our translations.

We can provide you with free or sworn translations. To complete our range of services, where necessary, we also take care of legalisation by the Court of First Instance, federal government services, and/or embassies.

Your Schedule is our Schedule!

At Van der Pluym we like transparency. We transparently adapt the timing, planning and price of translation orders, to provide the best solution for you. The planning of orders has for many years been the central theme of our translation agency.

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Juridisch Vertaalhuis Van der Pluym
Stoopsstraat 5
2330 Merksplas

Tel.: +32 (0)497 42 90 91


VAT BE 0453 675 829

Contact Person: Cindy Meynen, Manager